Discover New Resources: In the International Level-Up Arena

International Level-Up Arena

An entire section is devoted to showcasing numerous booths featuring government resources from around the world.

If you’re new to the international business landscape and ready to expand your business for increased visibility and a stronger global network, sign up to meet government agencies that can assist you in scaling up. After registering, select the International Level-Up Arena option, and we will arrange 1:1 meetings with government officials to help you establish the foundation for your expansion.

Make Your Presence Known

General Admission 
Are you new to the international scene? This registration will connect you with government business experts who specialize in international trade. It’s your first step towards gaining knowledge on expanding your business globally.

Deal Room+
If you have the ability to expand globally and have found a product or service that has already shown demand internationally, we encourage you to register for the Deal Room+ platform. This will give you the chance to connect with international leaders who are keen to learn more about your work, methodologies, and explore potential global partnerships.  

Helping You Accelerate Your Growth

Taking part in the International Level-Up Arena helps you elevate your presence at the summit:

Delegate Profile: Your company logo or government agency is featured on the event website.

Pre-Event Promotion:  Follow us on social media and we will follow you.  

Digital Access and Support:  Once you are registered, you will receive all of the information to your email inbox.

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How can your company gain greater exposure?  Sponsor!  Drop our team an email to find out more about our sponsorship opportunities. 

U.S. Partnership Lead Jeanine Chambers

International Partnership Lead Obebe Oojeifoh

Our International Delegate Community

As more and more companies register we will updated this delegate collage.  Once you arrive make sire to take a photo and share on social media, let everyone know you are expanding globally.  

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