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About the Summit

We leverage the principles of supply chain diversity, supplier diversity, sustainability, and environmental social justice to foster resilient business opportunities on a global scale.

The Global Business Development Summit in Washington DC, unites more than 1200 global leaders and pioneering businesses dedicated to advancing and investing in technologies to build a stronger, more resilient global ecosystem.

With a strong focus on empowering socially and economically underserved businesses, this summit leverages innovation and foresight to seize the growing opportunities worldwide. Explore a range of topics, including capital solutions tailored for these businesses, green investments, global infrastructure opportunities, healthcare advancements, cybersecurity initiatives, and the booming sports, entertainment, and digital economy sectors.

Experience the transformation of the Ronald Reagan Building and International Trade Center into the global hub of international business on April 18-19, 2024. Immerse yourself in two days of high-level discussions, impactful networking, and fruitful deal-making at this flagship event.

Experience a business summit like no other, showcasing executive interviews, captivating presentations, engaging plenary sessions, interactive breakout sessions, intimate roundtables, personalized 1:1 informational meetings, and an exclusive deal room+ meeting. This unique event brings together business owners and project owners for meaningful conversations. Our carefully curated networking environment sparks inspiration, fosters knowledge exchange, and facilitates vital partnerships for future business success.

2024 Program Themes

Capital Access I

Learn about EXIM Bank's new capital access program

Capital Access II

Learn about accessing green capital to expand your business

Energy Transformation

Learn about energy transformation and the vast amount of opportunities available globally

Healthy States

What is it? How can you help people become more resilient? Where are the opportunities?

Unlocking Circularity in Your Business

Adopting circular business practices to create new opportunities and access new green capital

Infrastructure Abound

Globally, we are investing in infrastructure. Where should you go and why?

Engaging Your Governmental Resources to Win Globally

Learn about each of the government agencies around the globe designed to help you expand globally


Learn about digital farming, robotics, drones, smart irrigation, vertical farming, and other technological advancements in the agricultural sector.

Global Program on Sustainability

Learn about the World Bank's Global Program on Sustainability and why its important to your business

What to Expect in 2024

Who Will You Meet?

The delegate list is packed with change makers from every part of the innovation ecosystem! Register today and don’t forget to include your logo. 

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